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Williams Announces Bid for House Seat

June 22, 2017
Mt. Carroll, IL - Today, Ann Williams held a press conference announcing her candidacy for State Representative of the 89th District in Mt. Carroll, Illinois, a mid-89th District small town that was incorporated in 1855. The event was held at the Mt. Carroll Community House, one of the original buildings in the town that used to serve as a church.

In attendance were Mayor Carl Bates of Mt. Carroll and Mayor Chris Lain of Savanna, Joe Daviess County Democratic Central Committee Chair John Freitag, and Carroll County Democratic Central Committee Chair Gerald Borke, along with a crowd of residents and press.
Local Mt. Carroll resident and Campaign Manager Lisa Vernon Leipus introduced the candidate.
Ann Williams addressed the group with brief comments. Full text of her speech is below.

"I am so pleased to be here in Mt. Carroll with all of you.

Today, I announce that I intend to be your next State Representative of the 89th District.

Reminiscent of good days gone by and good times yet to come, this setting here in Mt. Carroll, founded in 1826, is a perfect backdrop for this announcement.

I entered this race for a reason.

There are those of us that protest what is happening to our country and to the open departure from truth by our government leaders. Americans are working harder than ever and just not getting ahead. There are those of us that look at the draining quality of life and the erosion of the pillars of our society and shake our heads in disbelief, that things could get this way. There are those of us that cringe from the divisiveness, the hatred, the discrimination, lack of compassion, and mean-spirited talk. There are those of us that cannot imagine such a sharp departure from peaceful spiritual teachings that once seemed to be the foundation of civil discourse and decency. And there is no accountability in sight for those who trespass upon our values. They simply do not care.

Our nation is in disarray.

We have been sleeping, and in that time of sleep and inattention, we have let in a host of elected and appointed officials who do not have the values that would keep our country - and those in it - safe from harm.

I entered this race for a reason.Three reasons, to be precise.

One. I entered this race to stand against the ebbing flow of reason, decency, and American values that have defined us as a great nation and a great people.

Two. I entered this race to provide the people of the 89th District with a choice of a candidate that truly cares about making the right decisions for and on behalf of all of the people in the District.

Three. I entered this race because it's time I fought for this country that raised me, and I intend to serve the people of the 89th District - not the other way around.

Democrat, Independent, or Republican - or if you have never voted before - whatever your political label may be, I invite you to work with me to get the 89th District moving on the right track towards a better future. Together, we can bring back the glory days. Together, we can work hard and show something for it. Together, we can bring back the quality of life for all of us and make this a good place to raise a family, have lifelong careers that put us ahead. Together, we can exemplify the values of decency and goodness that are the very threads that make up the fabric of our great nation.

It starts here, in the 89th District.

It starts with me and you.

Vote for a better choice. Vote to work together.

Whatever you do, vote."

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