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Ann Williams is out in our District right now, talking to and listening to the people to understand what they are concerned about. Putting the people of the 89th District first is her top priority, and that’s why she will work with anyone, Democrat, Independent, or Republican, if it is in the best interests of the people of our region.

As a Democrat, Ann - if elected - will be in step with the majority power in the House and Senate. This means that her ideas are more likely to be considered and supported - which is a good thing for the people of the 89th District.



Ann Williams is proud to be a Democrat and represent the principles of the Democratic Party in all efforts. They are as follows:

The first principle we believe in is to have a balanced budget for our government that includes a system of fair taxation for all economic classes and an economy that “lifts all boats” as President Kennedy once articulated. 

The second principle in which we believe is equal educational opportunity for all of our children.  Nothing holds America back more than a divided system of education in which some children receive three times the financial support for their education as do children from poor communities.  Basing the quality of a child’s education on the value of the property where a child happens to be born or raised ensures educational inequality and leaves millions of children unprepared for college and the job market. 

The third principle on which we stand is our support for union workers

The fourth principle in which we believe is to protect the most vulnerable among us.  Vice President Humphrey said, “The true test of a free democratic society is how we treat those in the dawn of their lives, our children; those in the dusk of their lives, our elderly; and those in the shadows of life, our disabled and disenfranchised.” 

The fifth great principle on which we stand is equal justice under the law.  No matter a person’s economic or social station in life; no matter their race, religion, ethnicity, gender, or any other measure which defines their personhood, we must not relinquish our demand for equal justice in America. 


These are the issues and Ann's positions on them that are relevant to the 89th District:

  • Taxes need to be lower for people that make less money and progressively higher for those in higher income brackets - Ann supports eliminating the Illinois flat tax rate.
  • Education - our k-12 and higher ed rural schools are struggling financially, need to attract and retain quality teachers, and need to have enough financial resources to pay for quality education for our children. Ann will support educational systems building and full funding, including protecting teacher's pensions, increasing salaries, and finding ways to bring in leading practices and learning resources to our schools.
  •  Government Accountability - our elected officials need to work together and speak truth with the best interests of the people of Illinois at heart. Ann will work collaboratively with legislators and report honestly on the issues, policies, and status of negotiations.
  • Attract New Residents to the 89th District - there is evidence that more people are leaving Illinois and the 89th District. Let's reverse this and make Northwest Illinois a great place to live, learn, work and play for individuals, young families, empty-nesters, and retirees.
  • Create more affordable housing - we need to attract and keep families to our District by creating affordable housing that supports a revived jobs economy - such as an effort to build smaller footprint homes less than 900 square feet.
  •  Jobs - we need to attract and build and keep businesses and industry here in the District to create more jobs. Ann believes strongly in supporting Union labor 100% and advancing prevailing wage and project labor agreement policies for workers. She also believes in increasing and strengthening small businesses - and working with business leaders to make good things happen.
  • Community Revitalization - empty factories, high crime, and no-hope-zones across the District need to be re-purposed to once again become a thriving, healthy community. Ann will convene a Community Revitalization Initiative by working with key stakeholders from across the District, to create and implement a plan to bring in public/private partenrships and new businesses to locate their operations here in the 89th District.
  • Clean Air, Clean Water, Conservation - taking care of our natural resources has never been more important. Continuing to explore green technologies and preserving the 89th District's natural beauty is a priority for Ann Williams.
  •  Seniors - we need more and better options for our aging population and affordable solutions on how to provide quality care to seniors in our District.
  • Women and Equal Pay - we need to fight for equal pay - women on average earn 77 cents on the dollar compared to men in the same job here in the 89th District
  • People with Disabilities - when people are born with or acquire a disability, they still have value and need better options to learn, work, live, and play
  • Small family farms are disappearing and are often barely surviving economically - there's no pipeline of succession for family farms as young people are leaving the District



As Ann continues to explore the perspectives of people across the District, these perspectives will shape her formal issues platform. If you'd like to add your perspective on something that is important to you, please connect with Ann using the contact form on this website.

Ann wants to hear from you!

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